An Organic September with Waitrose

16 Sep

I was asked on behalf of Waitrose to swap one meal a week for organic alternatives. I pride myself in my ability to make healthy meals for my family, but this does not usually include organic food; mainly because my budget wouldn’t allow it.


Waitrose have their own range of organic food called “Waitrose Duchy Organic”. You can find out more about the range here.


Here are some of the foods I bought and the meals that I made…I obviously found an organic bargain too!

Family Teas

Sausage casserole



Spaghetti Bolognese


I cooked the spag bol and sausage casserole at the same time as many of the vegetable ingredients are similar and it saved time

I cooked the spag bol and sausage casserole at the same time as many of the vegetable ingredients are similar and it saved time

Sweet potato wedges with corn on the cob


Roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg





Hummus and rice cakes



Eggs on toast


Cheese on toast

Peanut butter sandwiches


Overnight oats with peanut butter



Our verdict

We enjoyed all the food; in particular the corn on the cob was really sweet and delicious. I also liked the sausages that I used in the casserole, as they were really good quality and the kids loved them too. The ready made soups that I happened to find reduced were also really tasty and an easy lunch to take to work and microwave.

Would we switch to organic? Probably not totally as realistically I still see it as a luxury rather than an everyday food, and some of it was really twice as expensive as I would normally buy or even more. However, the chicken, for example, although it cost over £10 did feed 4 adults and 2 children, and was a really good quality chicken, that even my “part-time vegetarian” husband ate as he feels that organic meat is much preferable for health reasons than non-organic. This brand of peanut butter is really good too. It contains no added sugar and Isaac wolfed a sandwich down, even on the seedy bread, which I love, but the kids can be funny about.

Some of the ingredients are definitely a different quality to comparable non-organic foods, so I think that perhaps we could easily swap 3 or  4 meals a week without too much strain on the purse and get healthy and taste benefits in return.

We were sent a Waitrose giftcard so we could buy the organic food, but the words and the pictures are my own.


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