Our Summer: Episode 1

28 Jul

We have had the most lovely week.

The sun has shone and we could not have asked for a more lovely time. My children are growing up so quickly. I feel very lucky that I can spend the summer with them.IMG_5378

We have played.

We have been lazy.

We have taken part.

We have done our own thing.

But most of all we have had fun!

I was so relieved to finish school at 1.30 last Friday. It has been hard work this year at work; even working 3 days has been hard after having a year off in a school that is waiting for Ofsted to make an appearance.

I picked up some beer and reduced priced tapas on Friday teatime on my way to pick the kids up from nursery and…relaxed…



Saturday: And the holidays started with…rain!

So after Evie had had her swimming lesson we went shopping. Evie spent the trip around the retail park picking up loom bands, and Isaac complained about being in the buggy. Just as expected!

Sunday: the sun came out. Rod was off to Leeds to run his first 10k

IMG_5387 IMG_5389

And I took the kids swimming. Later we met Rod and friends in Leeds and had a lovely afternoon out with grown ups and Grandma babysat for us.

Rod had an extra day off work on Monday so we had a lovely afternoon at Oakwell Hall, riding bikes and picking up loom bands (which is a theme for the week I think)

IMG_5427The weather looked fantastic for the rest of the week so we planned lots of outdoor activities


Tuesday: we took advantage of the fantastic free Kirklees activities and had a walk and story in Batley Park. This was great for both the kids and we will be regular visiters to this activity at different parks every Tuesday morning this summer. We then had tea at Grandmas.IMG_5444

Wednesday: we met our lovely friend Lizzie (who you may know as Wizbuf on Twitter and Instagram) and returned to Oakwell Hall in the sun. What a fantastic place for the kids (and for adults and dogwalkers). There are playgrounds, picnic areas, large areas to walk, bridleways, the river to investigate and the hall, as well as other activities that are organised throughout the holidays for kids to keep occupied.IMG_5475

Thursday: breakfast at Ikea and an impromptu visit to the White Rose Centre to buy sandals.IMG_5479 IMG_5504

Friday: we had a lazy morning before Evie went to a creative craft afternoon, I walked to the pub, Isaac fell asleep and I had a cheeky pint in the beer garden in the sun. Lovely!IMG_5506 IMG_5511 IMG_5512IMG_5514IMG_5517

Saturday: Evie had a swimming lesson and then later we had a 3 mile walk to a cricket club where the kids played on the grass and the adults had a drink in the sun.IMG_5519 IMG_5521 IMG_5524

Sunday: a quiet one with a walk to McDonalds and the supermarket, a play in the garden and Grandma picked Evie up to go to a friend’s barbeque for an hour before our Sunday dinner.IMG_5531 IMG_5533

In between we have played in the garden, watch Despicable Me 1 and 2 about 100 times, I have crafted before the kids woke up and after the kids went to sleep and we have all had a lovely relaxing time!IMG_5490 IMG_5494 IMG_5501 IMG_5525


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