Hotel Chocolat: Jingles and Mingles

17 Dec


A chance to test out some Hotel Chocolat chocolates??? Yes please!!!


So this huge bag of chocolates arrived, absolutely full to bursting with beautiful milk chocolate angels, white chocolate bells and dark chocolate penguins.


Tough job, but someone has to do it. Haha!


What a gorgeous gift to receive. Who wouldn’t love this big bag of goodies?


Sometimes, when I see beautiful chocolates like this, I think, “Well, they look lovely, but they would be gone in two minutes in my house!” With this bag I really didn’t feel this way. It was absolutely choc full (nice pun) of angels, bells and penguins.


The chocolates are special enough for an adults gift, yet robust enough for kids too. It could be split up and shared between a family. You could attach strings to them and hang them on the Christmas tree. Whatever you do with them, you won’t be disappointed with this much chocolate!!!

You can buy this product by visiting the Hotel Chocolat website.

I was sent the chocolates from Hotel Chocolat to review. The words, pictures and opinions are all my own.


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