Did you sleep well last night?

12 Nov

This is the question that I was asked by Silentnight, the bed manufacturers, a few weeks ago.

The answer was “Not really!”

I have two small children who are not the best sleepers and this question rang a bell.

To be fair, my daughter, at age 4, has got to be a much better sleeper now she is tired out after starting full-time school, but my son, 13 months, is a terrible sleeper who wakes up looking for mummy. I am still breastfeeding him so I need to keep my fluid levels up without drinking too much caffiene from coffee and tea.



Silentnight are working with various companies to help parents get a good night sleep and Twinings was the company that sent me some products to try out to help me to sleep.

Sleep tea

Sleep tea

I received a box of “Awake” tea and a box of “Sleep” tea. The teabags are in individual sachets to keep them nice and fresh.

The “Sleep” tea is a mix of soothing natural herbs; camomile, lavender and hops with a little vanilla. As the tea is brewing a lovely aroma of cinnamon rises, enticing you to drink up. The tea is tasty and warming and has no harsh tastes. I didn’t think I was much of a fan of camomile, but this is soothing and not too strong after the recomended brewing time of 2-3 minutes.

Brewing the tea before bed

Brewing the tea before bed

I enjoyed having an alternative to decaff coffee on an evening and I think that it definitely allowed me to wind down. It is also good for my son to not have any caffeine from me as the thing that stops me sleeping the most is him!!

Even when I was woken by him, I was able to fall back to sleep quickly as my mind wasn’t buzzing after having this drink. I felt calm and sleepy.

Awake tea

Awake tea

In contrast, the “Awake” tea contained warming rooibos with cinnamon and fruit flavours and zingy ginger to get you up and raring to go. I have to be honest…I like my cup of builders tea for my first drink on a morning. But for a second cuppa, this tea is fab. The lemon and ginger give a great punch to the rooibos and as it is caffeine free, better for me and my toddler.

The individual sachets are great for taking to work with me, so I can have a cup of this instead of drinking too much tea and coffee. The awake tea keeps me going and smells delicious as this contains cinnamon also.

My beautiful PiP Studio mug

My beautiful PiP Studio mug

Of course a great cup of tea always tastes better in a beautiful mug and I was thrilled with this beautiful PiP Studio mug that I was sent to enjoy the tea in.

I will get a good nights sleep again…I’m postive!!!! But until then, a good cuppa in a lovely mug will help me keep calm and carry on!

I was sent the Twinings Tea free of charge to test via Silent Night bed manufacturers, but the words and the opinions and pictures are my own.


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  1. jallen0678 December 17, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

    I love your blog.

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