Our summer of fun starts in the local library

25 Jul

It was the first day of the summer holidays. I’d been up since 6am with my son. We’d already made pictures by gluing sand onto paper and baked gingerbread men. It was only 10am! Argh!

So, I declared we were going to the library. I had library books that were due back and I had an inkling that something might be going on that would entertain us for a while as there usually is during the school holidays.

We fell lucky! On Wednesday mornings in Dewsbury every week during the summer holidays there is a special craft workshop taking place. Evie made an amazing flying bat to fit in with the theme of “Creepy House” which is the summer reading challenge for this year. You can find more about the Summer Reading Challenge here.

Flying bat craft

Flying bat craft

The reading challenge is for older children than my four year old daughter so we didn’t really look any further into this. However, there was the chance to win a lolly by searching for the pictures in a Treasure Hunt style challenge around the library and writing them onto the prepared sheet.

Creepy House Treasure Hunt

Creepy House Treasure Hunt

We had fun searching for the Creepy House gang pictures around the library; it wasn’t easy! We had a couple of goes with a “bat-making-break” during our search! We managed it in the end and got a lolly.

Whilst we were there we picked up a leaflet of things that are going on around the area’s libraries and I think we’ll be busy on a Wednesday morning in August at the Greenwood Centre in Ravensthorpe where there are activities which Evie will love going on.

We also took out some books for Evie whilst we were there; a London picture book as we are going down for a few days in August and of course a book about the gunpowder plot to fuel my inquisitive little girl’s Guy Fawkes obssession!

Children's picture book of the London sights

Children’s picture book of the London sights

The Gunpowder Plot - the ending will be glossed over once again!

The Gunpowder Plot – the ending will be glossed over once again!

You can find out what’s on in Kirklees this summer here.


One Response to “Our summer of fun starts in the local library”

  1. Amy the Librarian August 1, 2013 at 1:10 pm #

    Hello, I’m a librarian at Dewsbury Library and I’m so pleased Evie enjoyed our bat making session 🙂 Just stopped by to say, at 4, your daughter is more than welcome to join the summer reading challenge – if she reads 6 library books she’ll get a medal! If you’re going to London, we have another great picture book you might like called ‘A Walk In London’ by Salvatore Rubbino. It’s got beautiful illustrations and is a walking trail you can follow, complete with cute little facts about the sites you’ll see. Here are some reviews: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9046828-a-walk-in-london . Anyway, love the blog and hope we see you again in the library soon!

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