My big girl is finishing preschool…and ready for her next challenge.

20 Jul



It does not seem a year ago that went with Evie to visit her new preschool. It was attached to a primary school and we chose it for her because we’d heard good reports about it, it was in a nice area and it was close to her nursery and they would do wrap around care for her.

Big girl starting pre-school

Big girl starting pre-school

In September she started going every afternoon. She was so proud to wear a school uniform and thought it was like dressing up to put special clothes on. In fact, at the first non-uniform day when I told her she could wear anything she wanted, she said that she really wanted to wear her uniform dress she loved it so much! When we bought her summer dresses at Easter, she wore them in the holidays for fun. I will remind her of this when she’s a teenager and complaining about her school uniform of course.

Next week she will go for the last few times.

Preschool has been great for Evie. The teachers are really flexible. It seems that if they want to just play all day they can, but if they want to learn more academic things, then that’s fine too.

Evie likes nothing more than drawing and colouring and her most favourite is cutting up bits of paper, cardboard and old packets and sticking them back together with sellotape to make an amazing model. I dilligently save all our boxes, toilet roll tubes and yogurt pots and send them to school, only to have them brought back taped together with glitter on it!

My little girl has grown up so much in the last year. Her speech has improved and not only can she hold a conversation now, she could probably hold her own in the Old Bailey!

Cheeky chappy, cheeky girl

Growing up

She asks questions upon questions upon questions! Learning all the time about science and history and books.

She has a (slightly bizarre) fascination with Guy Fawkes after learning about him last November and we have had to get books out of the library to find out more and gloss over his sticky end.

Following our trips to the National Railway Museum, Evie wants to know about trains. We have had a bullet train book from the library several times and she can tell you all about it!

Evie has never had a problem with confidence and just this week following her dancing concert she stood up and performed her “Ugly bug ball” song, complete with actions to the whole class at group time.

Preschool has made her more socially aware. She’ll now ask me how my day has been and I quite often feel like I have company when I am with her rather than I’m just looking after a child.

When September arrives this year and she starts “big school” she will be so ready. Despite the fact that she is not 5 until March, she is definitley ready for this next challenge. I’m not that mum who thinks her daughter is too young to be going to school all day. I know she can’t wait. She wants to read and write now; we regularly have to spell out words so she can write notes to her friends.

I know that all children are very different, I could see this clearly at the school visit last week, and not all of them are ready for school at 4, but my girl is ready and I am so excited for her.


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