Meal Planning Thursday 18.07.13

18 Jul

On Sunday nights I usually blog. I write my “Meal Planning Monday” post and perhaps one or two other posts, perhaps a recipe or some other ramblings. This Sunday I just couldn’t raise the effort. The freezer offered me no inspiration and I just wasn’t interested!

So this is what happened…I fed Evie McDonalds on Monday teatime so that shows the frame of mind I was in!

On Tuesday we had fried rice and it was rubbish because I didn’t have half of the ingredients that I needed and I ended up walking to the corner shop with a very hot and grumpy daughter to buy an onion at 4.45pm. Not great!

I’d got some chicken legs out of the freezer to have on Wednesday teatime which I managed to serve roasted with jacket potatoes and baked beans, but prior to that I’d been to my special little Morrisons and managed to stock up with loads of reduced meat. Things got better from this point.

My haul included:

2 packs of minces for 49p each, 3 chickens for £1.99 each, pack of chicken breast fillets for £1.69, pack of smoked salmon for 79p, 6 packs of rump steak from £4 to £1 and 2 packs of sausages for £1.69 each.

The meals got better!

Thursday – I cooked the mince straight away as it was looking slightly iffy and made a huge batch of bolognese sauce, some got frozen and some for tea tonight.

Friday – roast chicken

Saturday – steak perhaps??

Sunday – BBQ…I know shock horror not a roast dinner.

I’ll try to plan better next week I promise!

Meal Planning Monday


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