Meal Planning Monday (24.06.13)

24 Jun

Another week has whizzed by. You may have noticed the antics that my littlest munchkin has been up to…he really has been keeping me on my toes. If I want to get any cooking done, he needs trapping in the highchair with some food to occupy him or putting in the baby cage with some toys and Handy Manny on the TV! If I turn my back for a minute he is up to mischief! This is at 8 months old…it’s only going to get more interesting…

Ha! Baby in a cage!

Ha! Baby in a cage!

Anyhow…the food!

Monday – Meatballs (from a pack I have found in the freezer bought from reduced shelf)

Tuesday – eating at my mum’s

Wednesday – Salmon with watercress and creme fraiche dressing from the Saucy Fish Company (bought on reduced shelf)

Thursday – Freezer surprise

Friday – Roast chicken

Saturday – possible burger BBQ (another reduced shelf bargain…Tesco finest pack of 10 burgers from £8.50 to £3.45) with homemade sourdough burger buns, depending on weather and availability of the family

Sunday – roast dinner

Have a look at Mrs M’s blog to catch up on what everyone is eating this week by clicking below. Have a great week!

Meal Planning Monday


One Response to “Meal Planning Monday (24.06.13)”

  1. kimmer2111 June 24, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    Everything sounds fab!!
    Have a great week x

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