Meal Planning Monday (17.06.13)

17 Jun

Monday’s don’t half come around quickly! I guess they’ll come round even faster very soon when I’m back at work in September! Still a while to go yet though.

We had a trip to Leeds market at 4pm again this weekend and ended up getting a great big bag of meat at a bargain £10 and a carrier bag full of strawberries for £1, hence I made jam on Sunday morning.

Here’s my food week in pictures…

Featherlight sponge cake

Featherlight sponge cake

All these strawberries for £1

All these strawberries for £1

Homemade jam

Homemade jam

All this meat for £10

All this meat for £10

Goodies from

Goodies from

So we’ve plenty of meat to go at this week! Here are the meals:

Monday – pulled pork in the slow cooker. There was a joint of pork that looks fine, but wouldn’t carve so am going to pull it instead.

Tuesday – hoping mum will invite us one day…maybe today??? Mum???

Wednesday – Cottage pie. Evie’s favourite and I she eats veg that is cooked with the mince

Thursday – Something from the freezer, a leftover portion of something

Friday – veg pasta that Evie will eat! Recipe here.

Saturday – pizza

Sunday – roast pork

See the link up as usual by clicking the link below! Have a great week!

Meal Planning Monday


2 Responses to “Meal Planning Monday (17.06.13)”

  1. Seren June 18, 2013 at 4:07 pm #

    I’ve said this before but I HAVE to get to
    Leeds market one Saturday pm – that is some serious bargain hunting!

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