Blog every day in May: Morning routines

29 May

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At the moment we enjoy lazy mornings. I love being on maternity leave and feel that this is an extra special time for me and my kids. In September, I will be back at work and Evie will start school full-time, so we will never have time like this together again.

That’s not to say that we are lazy every morning. We spend some mornings doing different activities like going to story time at the library or to Ikea for breakfast or to the childrens’ centre.

Even though I am only going to be working 3 days when I return to my job, my girl will be at school and we will not have lazy mornings and time together every day in this same way.

It’s almost a whole year since I properly went to work and I can hardly remember my old routine when I went to work on a morning. I know that there was a lot of “Evie, eat your toast!” “Evie, put your socks on!” as I ran up and downstairs getting us both ready.

Of course now, I’ll also have a baby to get organised to get to nursery or Grandma’s as well as a big girl at a new school. I’m sure we’ll find our routine quite quickly and at least I only have to do it 3 days a week!


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