Blog every day in May: What’s in your fridge?

24 May

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What’s in my fridge? It’s a funny mixture of kids food and ingredients to be made into something bigger and better during a ready steady cook moment that I usually have around teatime!

Here we go!

The contents of my fridge

The contents of my fridge

My fridge is only a few months old so I’m not too embarrassed about taking this pic!

Top right, in a Kilner jar is my sourdough starter which I’m getting quite obsessed with! Next to it you can see cheese, cheese slices, mayo, salad dressing, baby yogurts and jalapenos!

Next shelf: plastic lime and lemon juice, Stork for baking, bacon, ham and some olives from the Graze box.

Bottom shelf: lager (not mine), left over lasagne and chocolate mousses.

Veg box: half a butternut squash, carrots, parsnip, tomatoes, celery, orange pepper, raw beetroot and chillis.

The contents of the fridge door

The contents of the fridge door

In the door there is more stork, Trex for pastry, mustard, tahini, capers, curry paste and homemade jam. At the bottom there’s a can of cider, milk and lemonade!

We also have an overflow fridge under the stairs. This is supposed to be the beer fridge, but it’s so awkward to get to that the beer ends up in this fridge and the extras are under the stairs. At the moment it contains butter, I have a lot of baking to do, cocktail sausages to make into pigs in blankets, mascarpone, cream, Easter eggs, yogurts and pork loin which is defrosting for tea tomorrow!


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