Blog every day in May: Newsflash!

20 May

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Blogging about the news is not something that I would ever normally do. I don’t really get the chance to watch the news these days. If I every manage to get up without the kids on a morning I might watch the BBC Breakfast news, but usually we’re watching Tom and Jerry or Curious George.

I catch the news via twitter usually. I get brief snippets via other peoples’ tweets and I’ll read the links to newspapers that they post. This amuses me a bit whilst I’m enduring the same episode of some cartoon for the goodness knows how many times!

So today I have made an effort to notice what is going on in the world outside my little bubble…

And it is mostly doom and gloom! Two people dead in a house gas explosion, car bombs in Iraq, Briton arrested over child killings.

It’s no wonder that I don’t miss not regularly watching or reading the news. I struggle to be interested enough in any of this to blog about.

I do think that it is important that news is reported, but right now I’d rather be planning my meals for the week…and that’s what I’ll do!


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