Blog every day in May: Best Friends

18 May

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I have known the person that I have been friends with longest for 25 years.

We met age 11 when we started at high school. We were in the same class. I didn’t know anyone at my new school and I suppose C was the first friend I made. I had lots of other friends at school, and because of the wonders of Facebook I know what most of them are up to these days. However, I still actually see C (in the flesh) most weeks. We have hobbies and interests in common and along with other mutual friends, we remain close. There are others in the group of friends that I have known for over 20 years and I think that it is really nice that we have stayed friends for so long.

Another friend of mine, G, was a friend I met at university. This means that I have known her for 15 years. We tend to not see or hear from each other for 6 weeks and then we meet up 3 times in a week. We have spent Christmases, birthdays and many other special occasions together and it is great to have such a kind and generous friend who has always been there when I’ve needed her.


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