Blog every day in May: Pampering

16 May

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Pampering? Not sure I know that that is!

My idea of relaxation is when my baby boy stays asleep in the car when I have dropped my big girl off at pre-school on a lunchtime. I can have a cuppa and my lunch in peace. I can read a blog or two, tweet, read a bit of a book…all whilst I’m ducking in and out of the house every 2 minutes to see if the baby is still asleep on the drive!

I’m sure there was a time when I used to kick back and relax, but I can’t really remember.

In all seriousness I’m not really one for pampering. I rarely sit still. I’ll be faffing around in the kitchen, trying and failing to tidy up, putting the washing on or pegging out, ironing, feeding the kids, baking, crafting…you get the picture. If I am watching telly I’m usually crocheting or blogging at the same time.

When I run out of things to do I go to bed, I’m always late to get there.

I’m never bored. There’s too much to do!


3 Responses to “Blog every day in May: Pampering”

  1. little poppits May 16, 2013 at 9:47 am #

    I am so with you here, what is pampering!!!???? most of the time I look like worzell gummage! x

  2. Fay Jessop May 16, 2013 at 4:24 pm #

    Can’t say I’ve ever been one for pampering – while I’d quite like a weekend away at a health spa for lie in and napping purposes, the thought of being poked and prodded in the name of ‘treatments’ fills me with horror! Girliness…I think I’m doing it wrong…

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