Blog every day in May: Life’s a Lesson

15 May

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I can’t really think of a single most important lesson that I have ever had. I suppose my whole childhood was a lesson.

I had a great childhood with great parents who taught me great values. They supported me, pushed me and looked after me. They have always been there when I needed them and supported me in all my decisions, good or bad.

I have been shown how to be a great parent and I guess that that is the best lesson that I’ve ever learnt. I hope that I can follow their instruction.

I hope that I can have the patience with my children that my mother had with me – I’m not sure that I’ll ever have such a long fuse with my strong-willed first born.

I wonder if I’ll be better at passing on my father’s desire to win – I’ve done better at that as my daughter is desperate to come first is distraught if she doesn’t win competitions and games.

Sadly, my dad passed away 5 years ago but thank goodness my mother continues to be a great role model and support as a Grandma. I’m fairly sure that I couldn’t manage without her!


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