Blog every day in May: Go Green!

13 May

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This post is supposed to be about being “green, eco-friendly or ethical”.

I guess that I try to be a bit green. I recycle as much of my rubbish as I can. I always wash up cans and bottles to put in the green bin. All glass gets washed up to be recycled and I keep old jam jars to reuse and fill with jam that I make.

I could make the most of more of our rubbish if we had a composter, but I’m not much of a gardener and I don’t know what we’d do with the compost!

We have had lots of second hand baby stuff which has been passed on now, which is surely better than using all new.

I pass old clothes onto charity shops and am not adverse to buying from them too.

We borrow books from the library instead of buying new a lot of the time and I buy second hand books too.

I’m no eco-warrier, but I hope that the little things that I do might make a little difference.


One Response to “Blog every day in May: Go Green!”

  1. slapsnap May 13, 2013 at 5:25 pm #

    Same here. I do my bit where I can recycling etc…but there is probably more I can do!

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