Blog every day in May: Collecting

12 May

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When it comes to collections, I can’t say that I have any…but I have got quite a lot of stuff, a lot of which I don’t really have room for.

I, unsurprisingly, have a lot of baking paraphenalia. I have plenty of normal cake tins and some special shaped ones like a giant cupcake, giant oreo and a star shape. I’ve a Christmas tree silicon muffin mould and a Halloween one. I have also been given an Easter one recently.

I have 2 boxes full of biscuit cutters. I have boxes full of birthday candles, sprinkles, bun cases and other decorations.

I have a cake stand, 2 tiered cake stands and also a cupcake stand.

I have cupboards full of baking ingredients too. I have many types of flour, sugar, oats, dried fruit…you get the idea.

I also have mounted up lots of crafting stuff. This is in boxes under the spare bed. There are about 3 full of wool, I have card making stuff, I have buttons, ribbons, brooch pins etc.

I have 2 cardboard boxes full of fabric too which don’t really have a home.

My partner thinks I have a problem…I think we need a bigger house!


2 Responses to “Blog every day in May: Collecting”

  1. Hazel May 12, 2013 at 6:43 am #

    Ha! I love how you see things differently! There’s a lot to be said for good storage solutions!

  2. NickkiT May 12, 2013 at 7:45 am #

    You sound exactly like me! I also have a ton of various baking/cake decorating bits and bobs and no room to store them. My husband dispairs every time I set foot into a shop that sells kitchenware.

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