Blog every day in May: Pets

7 May

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I don’t do pets.

We had some tropical fish until a few months ago, but I had nothing to do with them. If I knew what to do with them it would have become my job and I just wasn’t interested.

I’ve never been much of an animal lover. When I was really small we had a dog which my dad had taken in as it had been maltreated. He was a big dog lover and would have always had a dog I think, but my mum was never keen on the idea. I was always a big nervous of even a guinea pig or rabbit and didn’t ever want to hold them. I didn’t like them wriggling.

My other half would have a dog in a breath. He lost custody of one in a relationship break up years ago and didn’t really get over it!

Spot the kennel in the background that he's kept in the hope it might someday be filled!

Spot the kennel in the background that he’s kept in the hope it might someday be filled!

My daughter goes mad with fright if there is a dog even at the other side of the road that we have to pass. I don’t know why she is so frightened of them. As we came out of school one day last week and there was a dog on his lead with his owner coming towards her, that frankly resembled a fluffy slipper (thank you Emma for that description!), she screamed and shrank back and I had to carry her past, even when the owner picked up the little animal.

My other half “jokingly” approaches the subject of us having a dog with the argument that I’ve got the two kids that I wanted so he wants a dog. I roll around laughing at that one! Hahahahaha!

So…pets aren’t really my thing! It’s more of an indifference to a dislike, but in all seriousness, we don’t have enough room in this house to fit us and our things and I don’t have enough time in the day to do what I want to do, let alone clean out a hamster or walk a dog!


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