Meal Planning Monday (29.04.13)

29 Apr

We had another trip to Leeds market this Saturday at about 4.30pm and again we came away with a bag of leftover meat for a tenner! It  contained: a tiny stuffed lamb joint, sausages, 2 chicken legs, 2 pork chops, a joint of pork, a bag of chicken wings, a piece of steak and a bag of mince! So, this will be the basis of my meal planning!

In other news, I’ve been nurturing the sour dough who I have decided to call Nigella, and made 2 sourdough loaves. The first one had a great sour dough flavour, but was rather messy, but the second one, which I used spelt flour for, was perfect!

Sourdough first attempt

Sourdough first attempt

Sourdough Spelt Loaf

Sourdough Spelt Loaf

To the meals…

Monday – Cottage pie with the mince

Tuesday – tea at mum’s

Wednesday – Chicken and pesto one pot with the chicken legs (recipe)

Thursday – freezer dive

Friday – pulled pork in the slow cooker with the pork joint

Saturday – homemade curry, Keema Karahi (recipe)

Sunday – roast

I’m linking up, as always with Mrs M. Click below to read her blog.
Meal Planning Monday


2 Responses to “Meal Planning Monday (29.04.13)”

  1. Angeline April 29, 2013 at 1:38 pm #

    Looks really yummy and love the name for your sour dough 🙂 lol


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    […] you need for the recipes. Check out #mealplanningmonday for help and inspiration from others. Here‘s my plan for this […]

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