My determined little girl

16 Apr


When my daughter, Evie, was a new baby, only a few weeks old, she had a strong and determined streak in her. She fought to get her arms free when I tucked her in to bed as I was told to do because babies, apparently, like to be tucked in! I knew from that moment that my girl had an opinion.

Someone once said to me and her dad “God help us if you two ever have kids!” At the time we were stood behind the bar in the bowling club that he ran, both giving someone a piece of our minds! We are both strong-willed, opinionated and always are right (regardless of whether we are or not!)

It shouldn’t have been any surprise when one day she decided that, at 4 months old, she would not drink from a bottle, then at 6 months that she would and then just as quick at 18 months old that she didn’t want milk any more and that was the end of that!

She’s never been conventional! She stood up at 7 months old, but wouldn’t sit up until 9 months! Well, you can’t reach anything or have fun when you’re just sat up nicely.

And now, at just 4 years old, her determination means that she wants to win. During a recent game of pass the parcel she was holding onto the parcel along with another girl at the end. The game organiser told them to open the prize together; Evie, of course, got the prize, the other girl was left with the paper! Another identical prize was given to the other girl luckily.

At the same event, Evie was left with one other, bigger boy at the end of the musical chairs. As we watched on, there was never any doubt that Evie would win. You could just see the determination in her eyes, the way she kept a close watch on her opponent and the way she focussed on that last chair!

Unfortunately, because she is only 4, she sometimes cannot express her strong will in the right way and the frustration gets the better of her with the tantrums that all normal 4 year olds have, but this is only part of being a small child.

When myself and her father have ever wanted something, we too have had that same determination and dedication and I just know that this girl will go far.

I cannot wait to watch her grow up and strive to reach all her dreams and goals.

My little baker and bowl licker

My little baker and bowl licker


2 Responses to “My determined little girl”

  1. little poppits April 16, 2013 at 9:07 am #

    bless her she is super cute. xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Alice (@mumsmakelists) April 19, 2013 at 12:20 am #

    I have another strong willed one here – I can only think she’s going to be a politician or lawyer as there are always the most elaborate reasons why she must do what she wants rather than what I’ve asked … sigh … 🙂

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