Double chocolate steamed pudding

24 Mar
Double chocolate steamed sponge pudding

Double chocolate steamed sponge pudding

This recipe is a variation of my “Lemon curd steam sponge pudding”. It is an equally delicious treat after Sunday dinner, served with custard, cream or ice-cream.

Light sponge

Light sponge

Double chocolate steamed pudding (serves 6-8)


175g very soft butter, margarine or baking liquid plus extra for greasing

135g self-raising flour

40g cocoa powder

1 level tsp baking powder

175g golden caster sugar

3 eggs

50g chocolate chips or chopped chocolate


  1. Put the butter, flour, cocoa, baking powder, sugar and eggs in a bowl and beat well. Add the chocolate chips and mix again.
  2. Grease a 1 litre pudding basin well and pour the mixture in.
  3. Take a sheet of baking parchment and a sheet of foil and fold a crease in both. Put the baking parchment on top of the bowl, followed by the foil and tie on tightly with string.

    Steamed and ready to unveil

    Steamed and ready to unveil

  4. Steam for 2 hours in an electric steamer or in a large pan with an upturned plate in the bottom, water half way up the pudding bowl and a lid. Either way take care that the steamer does not boil dry. I used an electric steamer and had to also empty the drip tray half way through so that it didn’t overflow.
  5. At the end of the cooking time carefully remove the string, paper and foil and turn out onto a plate. Serve with custard, cream or ice-cream.
Proof of the pudding

Proof of the pudding


2 Responses to “Double chocolate steamed pudding”

  1. riversidebaking March 24, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    oooo Double chocolate! I’ve not made a steamed pudding before, always been to scared, great to see yours all wrapped up for reference when I do mine!


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