Happy Birthday my big girl.

3 Mar


My baby is four tomorrow! Four!!!!

Every day she amazes me. She is so eloquent and imaginative and funny and kind. I love her so much.

I never felt the rush of love that everyone describes when she was born. I loved her already. I could not  have loved her more! From the moment that I knew that I had a baby growing inside me I loved that baby. I didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl and it didn’t matter. This baby would be amazing! And she is!

Little girl awake

Little girl awake

I know I am biased and I know that at times I could just scream at her in frustration when she won’t do as I ask her to. But actually, I like her determination and tenacity and I am pretty much convinced that when her reasoning skills catch up with her, she will use these qualities to get her far!

I look at her when she is playing some complicated game with her imaginary friends and wonder where that imagination comes from. I’m sure it’s not me! I think I’ll put that one down to her daddy as the stories that he tells her now are complete fabrications!

I love watching her face trying to work him out when he is telling her one of his tall stories, such as the time when she was younger and so tiny that he put her in his pocket and they went to visit the giant, and she tries to work out whether he is fibbing or not, looking to me for reassurance.

I love her inquisitive nature and will to learn. She is currently fixated on Guy Fawkes and Queen Victoria, and I have to tell her the stories over and over again. When we ask her why she likes Guy Fawkes so much she tells us that she doesn’t like him, she finds the story interesting! Sor-reeeee!

When I ask her what reward she wants for going to bed good all week and filling all the stars in on her chart she asks to go to a museum. I love that! I love a good day out at a museum too and are regulars at places like The National Railway Museum in York, Leeds Museum and our little local museums such as Bagshaw Museum in Batley park.

Fun with trains

Fun with trains

She loves to write letters and numbers and play with envelopes and paper and stickers and regularly draws pictures for our family friends. She can’t wait to read and write and pretends to spell words out and takes the register with her toys as her class.

We bake regularly, and even manage to get some in the oven as she tried to sneak mouthfuls of cake mix in her mouth when I’m not looking!

Easy method in the food processor

Little baker

I have loved watching her get to four whole years old and all the changes that she has undergone and I can’t wait to see what she will become as she continues to grow.

Happy Birthday my lovely little girl.

My little baker and bowl licker

My little baker and bowl licker


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday my big girl.”

  1. little poppits March 3, 2013 at 7:57 am #

    What a lovely post gorgeous pic too. X

  2. Karoline March 5, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    Happy birthday Evie 🙂

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