Meal Planning Monday (25.02.13)

25 Feb

Phew! Half term is over! As a teacher, I’ve always wanted the holidays to last longer, but now as a parent, I understand what all the parents are talking about when they want their kids back at school! Don’t get me wrong – I have loved my 3 year old being off this week so we could have some fun, but the questions of a 3 year old are wearing!

My little helper

My little helper

On Saturday, we had a lovely family meal out in Leeds. We don’t do this very often and it was really nice to spend some time together as a family. Unfortunately, Evie had a bit of bother with her chocolate babychino in Costa and we ended up with an impromptu visit to M&S for new tights, jacket and we sneaked a new swimming cossie for our holidays next week whilst we were at it!

So to our meals this week:

Monday – freezer dive

Tuesday – tea at mum’s

Wednesday – slow cooker stew

Thursday – some sort of pasta with courgettes

Friday – roast chicken

Saturday – freezer dive

Sunday – roast

Have a look at what everyone else is eating “At home with Mrs M”

Meal Planning Monday


One Response to “Meal Planning Monday (25.02.13)”

  1. Mama Owl February 26, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    We did a freezer dive this week too, handy really since Tesco didn’t deliver our groceries until this morning (ordered for 2-3 yesterday)!

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