The National Media Museum, Bradford

22 Feb

We were asked to visit the National Media Museum this half term to sample all they had to offer. We visited at Christmas and had a quick look round before we watched The Polar Express on the IMAX in 3D, but it was probably 20 years before that I last visited when it was the Museum of Film and Photography (showing my age!)

Horrid Henry has been in residence all week and he has been a huge hit with all the children, drawing huge crowds and keeping them all entertained. We were greeted in the foyer and given a leaflet showing what was on and where and another showing the Horrid Henry Trail.

Complete the Horrid Henry Trail and win prizes

Complete the Horrid Henry Trail and win prizes

We decided to look for the exhibits recommended on the trail leaflet and to see what else we stumbled upon along the way.

Trying to look serious in the Kodak Gallery photography studio

Trying to look serious in the Kodak Gallery photography studio

The trail started in the Kodak Gallery. This gallery contains cameras and other photography paraphernalia from the start of photography in the early 1800s to more modern day i.e. cameras that I could remember from my youth such as Polaroid.

The crowds for "Horrid Henry" and some kids' TV classics

The crowds for “Horrid Henry” and some kids’ TV classics

In the TV heaven gallery you can see your favourite animation characters in the plush such as the Wombles, or the original cells from classics such as Tom and Jerry. I remember the toys from “Playschool” being there years ago and they are still there today along with Zippy and George from “Rainbow”.

Fun with light in the Magic Factory

Fun with light in the Magic Factory

My daughter, at not quite 4, was slightly too young for many of the displays. I think that she will need to be of at least school age if not Key Stage 2 to appreciate much of what is on offer. However, she was entertained by the “Magic Factory” on level 4 which is a fun area showing the science of light.

The “Horrid Henry” events that are taking place this week did manage to fascinate her too. We have not yet come across Henry, but Evie was amazed about this naughty boy, although I think that she might actually be able to teach him a thing or two!!

Evie's Menacing Makeover

Evie’s Menacing Makeover

The “Menacing Makeover” special event had make-up artists and other professionals showing how make-up is used in the film industry to create special effects. Evie managed to get to the front where the lady was creating fake cuts and volunteered (like 3 year olds do!) to have a cut put onto her hand. It was really clever, but a bit too realistic for Evie whose face, much to our amusement, crumpled once it was complete because she didn’t like how gruesome it looked! She quickly got over it though and kept talking about it once we got home.

There is much more to do in the museum that we didn’t get round to seeing, but we will definitely be back, especially as Evie gets older to take part in everything we missed.

Views of Bradford from the fifth floor

Views of Bradford from the fifth floor

Entry to the museum is free. Some special activities need to be pre-booked to avoid disappointment. For more information, visit the museum’s website here.

We were invited to visit the museum, but as everything was free we received no special compensation as bloggers. All words and opinions are my own.


2 Responses to “The National Media Museum, Bradford”

  1. rachelradiostar February 22, 2013 at 7:29 am #

    I LOVE this place. I too went years ago when I were a lass! A few years ago I masterminded a school trip here ( I blogged it ) and had a load of fun. I cannot urge people enough to go to it! Did you find the bit where you can book in and watch a favourite episode from a childhood classic Program?

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