Chicken noodle soup (another leftovers recipe!)

31 Jan
Chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup

Here’s a tasty recipe that even my daughter will eat, including the veggies (well some of them). It starts with the carcus of a roast chicken and even if there is only a few bits of meat left, it is surprising how far it will stretch.

I started by putting the remains of the roast chicken in the slow cooker one evening. I emptied a full kettle of hot water over it and added a lump of ginger (3cm) that I had sliced quite thinly but not bothered to peel, an onion I had peeled and quartered, and a garlic clove that I just squashed with the flat of a big knife along with some black pepper. I squashed it down a bit and left on low overnight.

The above step can easily be done in a pan; just boil it all up for an hour or so.

The next morning I just unplugged the slow-cooker and left it to cool until lunchtime. When cool I sieved the mixture and put the chicken stocknliquid in a pan, I then picked all the meat out of what was left in the sieve and put it back in the chicken stock. I needed to add some more water so the medium sized pan was about half full and then I added a dessertspoonful of honey, the same of soy sauce and the juice of a lemon (a lime would easily do or even a squirt of the plastic stuff).

Now for the veggies, I used some thinly sliced carrot, mushrooms and chinese leaves (which came in the veg box) along with a tin of beansprouts (a tin is great for this recipe as you don’t find it dying in the bottom of the fridge like fresh ones tend to in my house). Anything will do as long as it is in small pieces to cook quickly. Then I added 2 baskets (?) of noodles and cooked them for a few minutes.

This makes a quick and tasty 4 portions.

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup


2 Responses to “Chicken noodle soup (another leftovers recipe!)”

  1. riversidebaking January 31, 2013 at 8:56 am #

    Having roast dinner on Sunday (my first one cooked by me!) will have to knock this up for a midweek dinner 🙂

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