Dropping the pencils

5 Jan

Yesterday, I took my son for his first immunisations. He is 12 weeks old which means that these jabs are 4 weeks late. The reason? I had an appointment to go 4 weeks ago…but I forgot! The appointment was on the Friday and I realised on the Monday. I rang up, apologised and remade the appointment for 2 weeks later. This appointment was for 10am…I realised at 3.30pm on that day that I had forgotten again. I couldn’t believe it! I rang up full of embarrassment and remade for yesterday…this time I remembered to go!

Isaac and Evie

Isaac and Evie

What happened? I dropped the pencils! Louise, who is also known as @CraftyGuider blogged last week about “Too many pencils”. This struck a chord with me. The idea is that you can only hold so many pencils and then you start to drop them.

My trouble is that I don’t only hold too many pencils, I hold pens, felt-tips, glue, scissors, staplers…you get the idea??

This has shown me that I do too much. People have been telling me so for years! I love being busy and I won’t ever sit still, but maybe giving birth along with everything else was just a step too far!


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