Elf for Health – Reviewing Week 3 and the Challenges for Week 4

16 Dec

Well…I’ve not been quite so focussed this week. A combination of getting close to Christmas and going out for a meal or two has meant that I’ve not been so good at dieting. However, I have lost another pound so that’s 6 altogether in 3 weeks. I’m pleased with that considering I only have 7-10 to lose altogether to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.


I did really enjoy planning my meals last week and I did stick to the plan. I will do the same next week.

So…to the challenges:

Monday, 10 December
Track your water intake today. Try to drink your body weight in oz of water!
I don’t think I did very well here! I had 7 cups of tea and coffee – I know that I do need to cut this down. I am breast-feeding after all and know that the caffeine gets into my milk. I also had 3 glasses of water and 2 herbal teas. This is something to work on I think; the challenge really got me thinking about this even though I didn’t do very well at it.
Tuesday, 11 December
Clean out your fridge today & pantry today! Get rid of expired and unhealthy things!
Chucking out old food

Chucking out old food

I chucked out some soup from the fridge that I intended eating, but didn’t get round to. I hate this as I hate waste.
Wednesday, 12 December
No need to save all your veggies for dinner. Work them in at breakfast and lunch too! Eat 3 servings of vegetable by 2pm.
Very poor at this challenge! I tried to make up for it by having tomatoes on toast for breakfast next day. One of the reasons that I was rubbish today was that I went out for a meal with the girls. Isaac of course came with me and the next day, Isaac’s daddy said he had garlic breath! So funny – it must have been the pizza I ate at the Italian restaurant that made my milk garlicky!
Thursday, 13 December
Buy coffee for the person behind you in line this morning. Not a coffee drinker? Treat a coworker to lunch or a snack!
I didn’t do this, but I did find out that my craft swap that I sent was to someone who didn’t realise that they had signed up for the swap so I wouldn’t be getting a gift back…I just told her happy Christmas and hoped that she liked the gift.
Craft swap gift

Craft swap gift

Craft swap gift

Craft swap gift

Craft swap gift

Craft swap gift

Friday, 14 December
Workout with a buddy! Grab a friend, your spouse or even your dog!
I struggle with the work-out part of the challenge. With a new baby and a 3 year old, as well as my “on the side” crafting business I struggle to find the time. I really want to walk more with the pram and intend to try much harder in the new year.
Saturday, 15 December
Donate to a holiday charity in your area. Look for food drives, toy drives, angel trees, etc.
I know that Ikea is collecting soft toys for children’s Christmas presents and I will donate to this when I go this week…I couldn’t face the Christmas madness this weekend!
Anyway…I must try harder this week. I need to stick to the diet as the week after is Christmas week and I’m not dieting then! So…I’m going for a 2 pound loss!
Here are the challenges:
Monday, 17 December
Do a circuit workout today!
Tuesday, 18 December
Treat yourself to something you’ve been craving!
Wednesday, 19 December
Bake cookies! Find a healthier recipe to try or make some healthy swaps to an old favorite
Thursday, 20 December
Winter is the perfect time for casseroles! Make a casserole for dinner tonight. Add extra veggies and go easy on the cheese and sauce.
Friday, 21 December
Pay it forward! Do something nice for someone else.
Saturday, 22 December
Going to a holiday party? Eat a snack before you go, choose water

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