Elf for Health – Reviewing Week 2 and the Challenges for Week 3

9 Dec

This week I’ve not been quite so good at doing the challenges or dieting, but I have had a go none the less and I have lost another 2 pounds so I can’t really grumble!

Here are the challenges and how I did at them…

Monday, 3 December
Do you know much fiber do you eat? Track your fiber intake today! You should be getting about 14 grams per every 1,000 calories consumed
I think I had about 22g. I’ve never tracked fibre before so didn’t really know if it was bad or good, but most people seemed to be aiming for 30g plus.
Tuesday, 4 December
Have a salad today and make your own dressing!
Sardine, olive and caper salad

Sardine, olive and caper salad

Dressing made from tomato sauce from tin, 1 dessert spoon of red wine vinegar and 2 of olive oil.

Wednesday, 5 December
Pack a healthy snack- and pack extra to share with a friend!
I ate the rest of Evie’s banana when she had a bite and decided she didn’t want it! Does this count?
Thursday, 6 December
Let’s lift weights! Try an exercise you’ve never done before!
Cheating – I pushed the buggy board with Evie on too (who weighs nearly 3 stone!) around Leeds! Unfortunately, but I enjoyed it, we also went to Pizza Express for tea and drank beer!
Friday, 7 December
Go makeup-free today!
Make-up free day - I have a lot of these lately!

Make-up free day – I have a lot of these lately!

Saturday, 8 December
Make a plan! Plan out your meals for the week and write your workouts down in your planner!
Sat 8th – Homemade (healthy) fried rice
Sun 9th – Pork chops (OH went to buy them and came home with a joint of beef instead!) with homemade potato wedges and stirfried chard with onion and balsamic vinegar.
Mon 10th – Roast chicken with stir fried chard again!
Tues 11th – Turkey meatloaf with salad
Wed 12th – Out for a meal with the girls
Thurs 13th – Salmon and salad
Fri 14th – Slow cooker Chicken casserole
Sat 15th – Freezer surprise
Sun 16th – Roast pork with all the trimmimgs!
We went to a local country park for a nice walk on Saturday though which was great for blowing away the cobwebs.
A chilly, wintry family walk

A chilly, wintry family walk

And next week:
Monday, 10 December
Track your water intake today. Try to drink your body weight in oz of water!
Tuesday, 11 December
Clean out your fridge today & pantry today! Get rid of expired and unhealthy things!
Wednesday, 12 December
No need to save all your veggies for dinner. Work them in at breakfast and lunch too! Eat 3 servings of vegetable by 2pm.
Thursday, 13 December
Buy coffee for the person behind you in line this morning. Not a coffee drinker? Treat a coworker to lunch or a snack!
Friday, 14 December
Workout with a buddy! Grab a friend, your spouse or even your dog!
Saturday, 15 December
Donate to a holiday charity in your area. Look for food drives, toy drives, angel trees, etc.
I plan to stick to the diet better this week. Planning my meals will really help me to do this I hope. I’ll also have a new “Elf” buddy. Watch this space to see how I do!

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