Phew! Maternity leave has begun!

14 Sep


At last, my maternity leave has begun! I have to admit that I’m really relieved. I have been incredibly tired in this, my second, pregnancy and I’m ready for this to begin.

34 week bump

34 week bump

When I decided to work to 37 and a half weeks, I had forgotten to factor in that you really don’t sleep very well when you are this pregnant! The school summer holidays began when I was 29 and a half weeks pregnant so I have had a nice break, but these last 2 weeks back at work have been a bit of a struggle. I have been fine at work, but I have had a list of things on my mind that I just wanted to get done before the baby comes and it’s been a bit like I’ve put life on hold for 2 weeks just waiting for today. I’ve known I’ve needed to sort out the bedroom, do bits of cleaning and tidying and spend a bit of time with my firstborn, who’s little only child bubble is about to burst!

Big girl starting pre-school

Big girl starting pre-school

I was induced when very overdue with Evie and, according to my scan dates, she came screaming into the world 15 days late! I’ve just got in my head that the same will happen again for this one, and I’m not really bothered if it does. In fact, I’m a bit apprehensive of going into labour by myself. Being induced last time, meant that my whole labour was in hospital – I didn’t have any of that timing contractions business or “should we go in to hospital yet?” and I don’t know what to expect! I know that either way it will be fine – at the end of the day I only live about 3 minutes from the hospital, but it’s the fear of the unknown I think.

Evie Grace, just born

Evie Grace, just born

I blogged before about how fast this pregnancy was going and how I wasn’t able to savour every  moment like you get the chance to the first time you are pregnant. Since then, time has slowed down a bit, but it’s still flown to this moment of being 2 and a half weeks until my due date. I have been able to recapture some of that awe and wonder that comes from your first pregnancy a bit and I feel like I have had the chance to “get to know my bump” a little bit more since the start of the school summer holidays.

At 30 weeks I was sat on the sofa, it was right at the start of these holidays and I felt a bony baby bottom stick out of the right hand side of my tummy and little feet at the left hand side, and my baby has pretty much stayed there for the last 7 weeks! I’ve just put my finger on the fact that what I was missing was taking the time to get to know this bump. This baby is another mad wriggler and feeling these huge movements has reminded me of what’s to come.

Even just finishing work yesterday has let me free my mind of one more thing, so that I can think back to finding out that I was pregnant. It is a bizarre thing, seeing that line that you’ve been looking for on the pregnancy test strip. You know that it is true, but you can’t quite believe it. I’d lost track a bit of my dates, so I was over 6 weeks when it dawned on me that I might actually be pregnant and I remember being late from work because I’d had a parents’ evening; I’d called for a bottle of wine to start February half term off and for some reason I did a test. I came back downstairs and remember saying to my partner, who was cooking in the kitchen, that I wasn’t going to be drinking the wine and that I was pregnant! He scratched his head a lot and looked a bit bemused! I think we were both just taking it in and imagining what was to come.

And so we’re here! We’re really close now! Starting my maternity leave means that I can get all those little last things ready. I have a bed mattress and cot mattress about to be delivered, I have some things to tidy up and put away that haven’t been in the right place since decorating the baby’s bedroom, I’ve got time to spend with number one child and I’ve got a moment to rest…watch this baby come early now and all my plans be thrown!

New bedroom, nearly finished

New bedroom, nearly finished

Ah well! I can’t wait for this amazing miracle to arrive and a new chapter of my life to begin.


3 Responses to “Phew! Maternity leave has begun!”

  1. Jools Cyprien September 14, 2012 at 5:28 am #

    Really enjoyed reading that Helen, good luck with it all and enjoy your rest.

    • bakingaitch September 14, 2012 at 5:29 am #

      Aw, thank you. Good luck with all your big changes too!

  2. eviesgran September 14, 2012 at 6:22 am #

    Loved it the first time and can’t wait to meet my new Grandchild. So exciting.xx

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