“The Way Back Home” at The Square Chapel Theatre, Halifax

3 Apr

“The Way Back Home” was originally a book by Oliver Jeffers. It is also a play and after seeing that it was on at The Square Chapel Theatre, and was suitable for ages 3+, I thought that I’d risk taking my only-just-3-year-old to her first proper play.

Now, my daughter is not the type of child that sits still for very long. She will watch 10 minutes of tv and then wander off to do something else (actually, I know where she gets that from!!). We had attempted a pantomime at Christmas, but left at the interval as her attention span wouldn’t last. “Ah well,” I thought. “The Square Chapel are kind enough to be providing the tickets for us so we’ll give it a go!”

I need not have worried – as soon as the lights went down, she sat still on my knee and was rapt. This play was by “The Big Wooden Horse Theatre Company”

In the play, “Boy” finds a plane in his wardrobe and flies to the moon. Here, he encounters an alien. Unfortunately, Boy runs out of petrol for his aeroplane and the alien’s spaceship breaks down and they have to work together, despite the fact that they can’t speak each other’s language to get home.

My daughter just loved the play. She loved seeing the people acting, she loved the songs and she loved the interaction that the 2 cast members had with each other and, on occasions, with the audience. At 3, my little girl still thinks that all unhappy children, adults and even animals “want their mummy” as this is what she understands, so the emotional level that the characters had with each other was just right. It was perfectly plausible to her young mind that Boy and the Alien wanted to get home because they missed their mummy too.

I was not the only parent with a small child with their whole attention held. The whole theatre was full of children aged 2 to 10. I think to be perfectly honest that the upper age of 10 was pushing it a bit, as it was a simple story meant for the very young, but I expect that a ten year old would be perfectly happy to accompany their younger sibling to this play.

It is no wonder that this is the second time that The Square Chapel has had this play on in the last year, as it really was excellent for really little children.

You can still catch this play at the following places in 2012:

Apr 11, Kenton Theatre

Apr 12, The Point, Eastleigh

Apr 14, Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury

Apr 28, Canada Water Cultural Space

And the Big Wooden Horse’s next production is Stuck, another Oliver Jeffers story coming in Autumn 2012.


One Response to ““The Way Back Home” at The Square Chapel Theatre, Halifax”

  1. Karoline April 8, 2012 at 1:37 pm #

    I’m not surprised that E enjoyed it, their production of ‘Lost & Found’ was R’s first theatre trip & she was very taken with it. We love Oliver Jeffers books here, we’ll have to keep an eye out for them heading back to Leeds

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