A lovely day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

25 Jul
Jaume Plensa Sculpture

Jaume Plensa Sculpture

It must be getting on for 20 years since I went to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park – I was in sixth form and doing a photography module and we came here to take some picutres.

I was thinking of a place to have a picnic and a walk and following a google search late on Saturday night, I came up with YSP.

We set off at around 11am and went on the M1, coming off at junction 38 and the carpark we used was just a few hundred yards from this junction.

It was a £5 fee to park and that was really your entrance fee into the park, so I felt that this was good value for 2 adults and a child. We took a picnic and set off walking up towards the gardens and visitor centre to find a picnic area.

It turned out that we had parked at the country park side of the park so had quite a walk, but we weren’t put off by this as we wanted to walk as part of our day out. As we set off there were sculptures scattered around for us to look at and sheep and geese grazing to amuse Evie. It was a beautifully sunny day and dry underfoot, which was lucky as there was so much animal muck in this part of the part, it was impossible to avoid walking in it and I think it would have been pretty awful had it been wet!

We walked past the chapel and found a picnic area just below the lovely, new looking visitor centre where we ate.

After lunch we climbed up to the visitor centre. It contained a lovely gift shop, with gifts you would be happy to give or receive. The things were really lovely and tasteful – anything from coffee table books to crockery to jewellery.

Through the centre we were led into the “Jaume Plensa” exhibition. The area was a lovely open and (on this occasion) sunny space and the sculptures were pretty awe inspiring here. The way that the area is laid out means that as you move towards one sculpture, another area opens up and you see another one and then another and so on.

After this area we moved to the hillside where Barbara Hepworth has her work displayed and found the shelter of a huge tree to sit on a rug and drink coffee and play. It was a lovely area with loads of families picnicing and playing.

We then walked downhill towards the kennel block and bought ice creams in the cafe near here and then made our way past the Camelia House and Bretton Hall and then along the path near the lake back towards the carpark where we started.

We had a lovely day out and only scratched the surface of the park. There is much more to see and the park stretches over a huge area. We will definately return, and have a completely different day out due to the huge size of the park and the vast amounts we didn’t get to see.


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