Honley Show 11th July 2011

11 Jun

Last year, I attended Honley show because I work in Honley and I had seen the signs advertising it. When we were there we had a lovely day (the weather was great which helped) and we loved looking at all the exhibits and watching the shows. We saw the handicrafts tent and noticed there weren’t too many entrants in some categories of baking. This gave me the idea to enter some baking in Emley show a few months later with some success!

So, when it was coming up to Honley show time this year, I decided to enter some baking and the crochet item categories, my mum decided to enter some baking as well and my brother entered a photo he’d taken too.

We got our entries in, in advance and received our tickets and exhibitors passes. All that remained was to spend Friday baking our entries!

On Saturday morning, my brother arrived at my house at 8.30 am and we set off to pick up my mum. She’d provided a picnic for us, so we packed it into the car and set off for the Farnley Tyas show ground. We had to be there by 9.45am to position our exhibits.

When we arrived we were allowed to drive right onto the show ground with our entries. We parked next to the marquee and went in to place all our baking, crocheted shawl and photographs. We then had to leave the site and park up. As we had an exhibitors parking pass we were able to park really close to the show ground. It was then a case of waiting until after 12.30pm when the judging would have been done and we would find out how we had got on.

The day was taken up with many different activities, such as:

  • watching the events in the show ring – there was falconry, the mountain rescue display team and wrestling giants amongst other things.
  • there were loads of stalls (I bought new wellies!)
  • shopping at the food hall and craft stalls
  • viewing all the entries in the animal categories – cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, poultry, guinea pigs, mice, horses, beagles and other dogs (including waggiest tail category) and more
  • viewing all the handicrafts done by people of all ages and all different skills
  • a childrens play area

There was plenty to keep us busy!

After our picnic we returned to the handicrafts tent to  see if we had won…we had!!! I’d got a first with my crocheted shawl and my mum had won first prize too with her scones! My baking didn’t come anywhere unfortunately – I put this down to the fact that I was trying to look after my 2 year old at the same time (playing playdough with her and making buns with her to discourage her from “helping” me with my baking) and also that I was up against my mum in the scones!!!

Winning crocheted shawl

Winning crocheted shawl

My mum's first prize winning scones

My mum's first prize winning scones

I didn’t mind that I hadn’t won – the entrants that had had made really lovely things and I was pleased with my crocheting prize!

We were able to collect our winnings at 4.30pm and then we made our way to the car to go home.

We had a lovely day; the weather held out (just about), the company was good, and we had our little wins to make things a bit more interesting. Apart from half an hour of walking up and down the car park pushing my screaming, overtired daughter until she fell asleep, the day was thoroughly enjoyable.

I am now sat at home, with glowing, wind-burned cheeks, feeling nicely tired and looking forward to next year!


One Response to “Honley Show 11th July 2011”

  1. eviesgran June 11, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    I had a lovely day. Lots to do and see.Thanks for suggesting it and thanks for driving us there.
    As Evie would say “Nice day out”.
    It was an added bonus for us both to win a 1st prize. I am chuffed to bits!

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