Sushi Making

8 Apr

Last night I attended the Buns and Roses WI sushi making workshop in Leeds City Centre. It was run by Sesame Sushi of Leeds.

We entered the room, to see 4 tables laid out with ingredients and equipment all ready to get started. After purchasing a drink at the bar we all took a seat.

We each had a chef at our table who made the rolling of the sushi look easy! We had a go, spreading the sticky Japanese rice onto the seaweed sheet and then adding a piece of cucumber to the middle. We then had to carefully roll up the seaweed, rice and cucumber pile with the aid of a bamboo mat to make a neat roll. The biggest challenge was then to cut the roll into 6 even sized pieces to make the sushi. After one more practise, we had a race to see who could make the fastest roll of maki…I won and was thrilled with the prize of wasabi peas (which I later found were strangely addictive!)

The next thing we made was roto (rice on the outside). This was much more tricky and I didn’t make a very good job of this. However, the combination of smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese was delicious, despite the appearance!

Our last attempt was at Nigiri, which involved making a fingerof sushi rice and then laying a morsel on top. I made one with red pepper and another with the very interesting inari which is a sweet bean curd.

Anyway…here are the results:


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